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Web Design Services

Is your website working the way you want it to?

A well-designed website attracts traffic, converts browsers to interested prospects, and demonstrates your credibility to the world.

Yet, a great website is only one piece of your omnichannel marketing puzzle aka buyer’s journey maze. When you engage CoryWest Media as your marketing leadership partner, we will streamline and simplify your marketing into a 4D plan: digital, direct, dynamic, data.

Everyone stays on the same path from the first interaction throughout the customer experience journey, both for employees and customers.

At CoryWest Media, our talented team of experienced graphic artists employs the latest web design technology and techniques to build the perfectly customized web design for small businesses like yours.

We elevate your branding and storytelling to build an effective, yet visually engaging web site that attracts targeted attention, builds your brand, and clicks with your communities.

From responsive website design to skilled web development and custom e-Commerce solutions, we create powerful platforms for any large or small company to deliver the right information to their target market.

Why Work With Our Passionate Digital Marketing and Web Design Team?

Choosing the right web designer is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

You need someone who gets you, gets technology, understands your buyer’s journey, listens to you, researches your market, targets key buyers, makes SEO magic, and creates exactly what you didn’t know you, and your customers, were looking for.

Our experienced website design & development team will create a new site that is engaging, responsive, and ready for cross-platform use. As a marketing communications, PR, and social media agency, we know how the right web design can deliver results and get you closer to your business goals.

From startup to established businesses, we’ll propose digital marketing goals to support you now and take you to where you want to be with customized omnichannel marketing plans.

Website Support and Maintenance

Responsive Web Design

With built-in responsive web design, your site will shine on any device. No matter where visitors land, your site will underscore your online presence.

What about security? Securing and protecting your site’s data from malicious attacks is a priority. Your site will be fast-loading, secure, and always on with reliable uptime.

Experienced Website Development

Experienced Website Development

When you choose CoryWest Media, you will collaborate with experienced web development specialists who convert eye-catching designs into a fully functional, user-friendly website. With extensive experience, our team designs small business websites that meet all industry standards of quality, security, and accessibility.

Top-Notch Website Support and Maintenance Services

Top-Notch Website Support and Maintenance Services

After your new web site launches, keep it healthy and active with hosting, maintenance, support and training. You can optimize your web presence and can expand your business in new directions. Whether it’s an entirely new website or an update, we guarantee professional work with excellent customer service with quick delivery times at competitive rates.

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Our Web Design Services For Small Business

At CoryWest Media, we deliver all the web design & development assistance every small business needs to stay ahead of the competition. We include free on-page SEO to help you rank in search engines, relevant content strategies, press releases, and more.

When you work with CoryWest Media, your business benefits from years of experience in marketing, communications, and public relations combined with a synergistic website design service for small businesses.

Digital Marketing

At CoryWest Media LLC, our digital marketing services go beyond designing and developing the perfect website for your business. Our web development experts understand the most effective strategies for promoting your small business.

We perform thorough keyword research to pinpoint which keywords will bring in the best quality leads, develop comprehensive content strategies, and produce email campaigns to keep your customers engaged.

e-Commerce Platform

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, you can activate an array of options to set up an online store without the hassle of creating everything from scratch.

When you add on e-Commerce platforms, you can easily launch an online storefront that lets you manage inventory, and upload images to your product and service listings all in one place.

Website Design and Development With On-Page SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

Only the latest SEO best-practices make it into our website designs. We will work with you to understand your needs and implement a search engine optimization strategy that ensures the correct keywords appear strategically throughout your website's pages.

Content Management System

One of the key components of a great website is managing and updating content. Since we work in WordPress, you'll get the most flexible, customizable, SEO friendly content management system that helps small businesses easily manage their website.


Ready to Build Your Business with Our Small Business Web Design Team?

Get started today! Let’s talk about your website goals. Schedule your complimentary website review to learn more about how your business can run better online.

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