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"Barbara is a pro's pro. Barbara and her talented team have been our go to experts for all things social media. From strategy to execution to optimization, Barbara handles it all and does it with grace and professionalism. This is rare, in today's marketing space where millennials tend to be thought of as the experts. Not so. Barbara's experience brings invaluable context to the table and she understands (at a very deep level) how brands need to behave in social to win the target audiences they seek."
- Digital Marketing Director, Fortune 150 Manufacturer

Fractional CMO or Board Member

Fractional CMO or Board Member

When you need someone to lead marketing with vision and experience, but you don’t need another C-suite executive on your team, a fractional CMO/Board Member is a great fit. Perfect for startups and bigger small businesses, a fractional CMO/Board Member manages marketing strategy, sets budgets, and can delegate and assign tasks to internal or external teams.

Fractional CMO or Board Member Services: marketing audits, team leadership, board facilitation, AI, CRM, and data marketing tech tools with budget guidance, visionary perspective, and empowering strategies for growth.

LinkedIn Strategy Consulting

LinkedIn Strategy Consulting

Grow business, and nurture key relationships, when you integrate LinkedIn into sales, customer service, CX, marketing, and PR efforts for immediate and long-term impact throughout your company, your community, and your industry.
LinkedIn Strategy Consulting Services: employer branding, corporate reputation management, company page strategy, executive leadership branding, sales team training, HR team training, on-demand online courses and annual upgrade programs. AI, CRM, and data LinkedIn marketing tech tools with budget guidance.
Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Your brand is no longer your own. Your brand is your IRL and digital DNA mixed with reviews, comments, and engagements over time. Brand consulting is about the buyer’s journey. Going beyond personas, branding is extending into communities that bond with a brand’s PR: personality and reputation.

Brand Consulting Services: personas and personality audits and designs, reputation audits and management for personal brands, employer brands, and community brands. AI, CRM, and data multichannel marketing tech tools with budget guidance.

Digital Marketing Consultant​​

Changing every day in multiple ways, digital marketing is never in the same place at the same time. How do you navigate omnichannels without losing your way? You need a masterful guide to keep you on course as the game, the field, and the players continually evolve.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services: 4D marketing maps, digital DNA footprints, dynamic content playbooks, direct contact guides, and data measurement systems to give you the rules of the game, no matter what game we’re playing. AI, CRM, websites, and digital marketing data tech tools with budget guidance.

Social Media Strategy Consulting

Social Media Strategy Consulting

Love it, hate it, or like it, you need a strong social media presence. But, how do you know where to put your time, creative, and ad money? What platform is right for you? How often should you post? Our WIRED social media strategy gives you a system to master plan, create, engage, and realize results.

Social Media Strategy Consulting Services: social media audits, monthly social media monitoring, targeted influencer marketing, social media competitive flyovers. AI, CRM, and social media marketing data tech tools with budget guidance.

Podcast Consultant

Podcast Strategy Consulting

Can you hear me now? Audio branding is hot and getting hotter. It’s not too late to start a podcast. But, you need a strategy with a plan to amplify your message to target customers and buyers.

Podcast Consulting Services: podcast strategy, show design, success scripts, sponsor outreach, event podcast hosting, podcast guest, podcast PR. AI, CRM, and podcast data marketing tech tools with budget guidance.

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