Corporate Sales Leadership Training – From online webinars to onsite workshops to event experiences to leadership retreats, Barbara creates training programs designed to bring in business and accelerate action in organizations of all types and sizes. With an emphasis on today’s most effective strategies, such as social selling and influencer marketing, she gives her students step-by-step guidance to equip them for the future of digital marketing via integrated WIRED PR success strategies. WIRED Social Selling, a workshop for SVPs of sales and their teams, focuses on using online tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead gen.Barbara has a unique ability to develop training that not only motivates, but creates ROI-based activities to empower CMOs, SVPs and their teams. Start implementing today. Keep growing tomorrow.

Digital Marketing PR Consulting – As a passionate educator and digital marketing communications evangelist, Barbara designs social media marketing and PR programs for colleges, associations, corporations, non-profits and online communities through her consulting division. Consulting services include:

  • Marketing Transformations: Mapping out a 3D Strategy
  • Wired Writing: How to Write for Spiders, Screens and People
  • Brave Branding: Establishing and Managing Your Image
  • Leading on LinkedIn for People and Their Companies
  • Social Media and Customer Service: Updating the Experience
  • WIRED Social Selling: NextGen Lead Gen
  • Storytelling: The CPR Method to Revive Your Business…and Your Life
  • “Powerhouse Marketer = Barbara Rozgonyi” Jemilah Senter as Association Forum, Director of Marketing and Communications

Creative Courses – Because many of Barbara’s clients want to continue learning over a longer-term relationship, she has created information-packed courses with modules organizations can implement at their own pace. From Wired Social Selling to Outcome-Driven Marketing Transformations Process™ to Leading on LinkedIn to Brave Branding: Establishing and Managing Your Digital Presence; these modules come with a “make it work” attitude that equips organizations of all sizes to navigate the digital changes impacting marketing, sales, HR, customer service and every aspect of business.
What comes through in Barbara’s courses is her deep knowledge that we live in a world that is transforming every day. Her step-by-step modules provide the confidence and expertise organizations need to advance their leadership positioning.

Digital Marketing PR Agency Services – Barbara leads CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands, and connects communities in three dimensions: digitally, directly and dynamically via the WIRED PR works system.
CoryWest Media’s services include marketing audits, scalable content marketing plans, personal and company-wide LinkedIn makeovers, event marketing strategies and production, and customized live or online social media trainings.
Clients include corporations, small businesses, creative agencies, associations, law firms, accounting firms, startups and organizations interested in growing quickly, profitably and in creative directions.
Attract attention. Build business. Click with communities.