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"Barbara coached our team on storytelling, and how to represent ourselves and our business brand. The advice was pertinent and timely, especially in a business world that is run more and more on a virtual platform."
- VP, Equitable Advisors

Types of Coaching Transformations

Positive Coaching Transformations

Career Exploration Coaching

Go from what should I do to I love my job at any stage of your career – from starting out to transitioning to a new industry to reinventing your life after concluding a corporate career chapter.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Tackle your toughest communications challenges, recalibrate your work-life balance, or sharpen your leadership skills and advance your career.

Media Coaching for Thought Leaders

Go from rambling with no point and no interviews to being an in-demand expert who speaks in sound bite talking points on major media, in print, and on podcasts.

Public Speaking Coaching

Go from being a fearful, quiet speaker into a confident communicator who captures attention with engaged audiences.

Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coaching

Is your brain your worst enemy?

Fulfill your true potential for happiness, productivity, and career success with mental fitness training.

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t build behavioral change habits. Sustained change towards a more positive mindset happens when you redirect neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. After completing Shirzad Chamin’s Positive Intelligence mental fitness training, Barbara was inspired to coach others on how to install and program a new operating system for smarter brains that run faster, better, and with much less stress.

Thought Leadership Coaching

Go from being the best-kept secret known only to your top customers to being a recognizable personality with a stellar reputation that commands attention.

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