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Could your career or business be in a better place?
A new book, Reinvention Roadmap by Liz Ryan, will help you get there.
You have to go way, way back in my archives to find Liz Ryan mentions – all the way to 2006. But, before that I was a speaker at Liz’s International Women’s Conference in 2005. Since I first found Liz via WorldWIT, I’ve been a huge fan of her take on business, careers and life. Check out more career resources at Human Workplace.
When an opportunity to review her new book came along [disclosure: I received the book as a gift; this is not a paid review], I grabbed it. Reading it on the plane to and from Salt Lake City challenged me to reroute my business career path.
As you answer the book’s questions, you’ll reconnect with your childhood passions. For me, I was a musician and a good one at that. I’d completely forgotten about being a pianist until a relative I visited in Utah told me that she’d always remember me playing the piano when I was in high school.
It’s those little notes from the past that call you back to who you were when you answer Reinvention Roadmap’s questions.
Whether you’re in love with what you do or you’re looking for a new challenge, you are in charge of your career. This book is empowering as it offers guidance, insights and a simple, yet strategic roadmap to get you where you want to go.

What I Loved About Reinvention Roadmap

At our book group discussions, we take turns talking about what we loved about the book. Here’s what I think you’ll love about this book.

     1. Choosing Target Companies

It’s so important to know who you want to work for. Having a list of 10-20 target companies gives you focus and vision. Who would like to work for – or with?

     2. Diagnosing Business Pain Points

What types of business pain do you treat? When you reframe what you do as a business pain or problem solver, you can demonstrate the kind of value you bring to a company or organization. This is also key for anyone who owns a business.

     3. Telling Dragon Slayer Stories

I love this! How did you banish the big, scary dragons at your company? Crafting these stories will illustrate your power and give you lots of mojo.

     4. The Mojo Journal

Speaking of mojo, Liz recommends you keep a mojo journal. This is where you’ll write things like answers to questions as you chart your course. Would you write on a computer screen, in a spiral notebook or in a moleskin journal?

     5. Human Voice Resume

Traditional resumes get lost and buried in the masses. A human voice resume sounds lively, smart and stands out from the techno-speak. Talk it through.

     6. Be a Consultant

Thinking of consulting? Liz gives you ideas on how to get started. Opening conversations by saying you’re a consultant is a no-brainer.

     7. Art!

Liz’s original art adorns the book with colorful drawings and captions like “Set Big Goals.”

      8. Go Direct Mail

Sure, you can apply for jobs online with 2,543 other people. Why not go direct and mail your business pain cover letter with your human voice resume? Unless they’ve read this book, no one else is likely to take this simple secret weapon step. You win!!

      9. Templates

Worth the price alone, the templates tell you exactly how to write lots of stuff, including a cover letter.

      10. Personal Stories

One of the best parts of the book is reading personal stories sprinkled throughout.
Who do you know that’s in a job search? Is it you? Here in our house, all three of our children have reinvented their careers this year. Although job searches and career changes can be challenging and stressful, the end results can be rewarding and fulfilling. Their personal stories are filled with persistence, determination, and success.

Take Action

Think about where you are now and where you want to be. What steps will you take to get there?
Keep me posted on your progress!!