In the ever-evolving realm of travel and tourism, staying ahead of emerging trends is paramount for marketers seeking to capture the attention of an adventurous audience. Expedia Group’s Unpack ’24 report serves as a strategic compass, providing destination marketers and travel professionals with exclusive insights into the key trends shaping the future of travel in 2024.

As Jon Gieselman, President of Expedia Brands, emphasizes, “These insights shape our travel forecasts, enabling our travelers to be the first to discover and book the most desired trips before they become well-beaten paths.” Let’s delve into the transformative trends identified in the report, offering marketers a roadmap to engage and captivate their target audiences.

Here’s my take on Unpacking the Future: 10 Top 2024 Trends for Travel Marketing via Growing Social Now News.

Today, we’re diving into the top travel trends for 2024. As someone passionate about travel, I love exploring new destinations to bring you fresh insights. This report was particularly engaging, shedding light on the dynamic landscape of the travel industry.

Unpacking the Future: 10 Top 2024 Trends for Travel Marketing

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 1. Set-Jetting: Transforming Fiction into Tourism

One of the report’s standout trends is the growing influence of set-jetting – the act of planning trips inspired by TV shows and movies. Recognizing that more than half of travelers now base their travel decisions on-screen portrayals, marketers can leverage this trend by strategically aligning destinations with popular media content. Expedia’s Unpack ’24 report unveils the top set-jetting destinations for 2024, offering marketers a valuable guide for crafting targeted promotional campaigns.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 2. Destination Dupes: Marketing Off the Beaten Path

The rising popularity of “dupes,” or budget-friendly alternatives to popular destinations, presents a unique opportunity for destination marketers. Expedia’s recognition of these alternative gems, such as Taipei and Santorini, allows marketers to tap into the trend, offering travelers not only potential savings but also the allure of exclusive and less-crowded experiences. Crafting campaigns that highlight these alternative destinations can resonate with a cost-conscious yet adventurous audience.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 3. Tour Tourism: Amplifying the Concert Experience

Building on the success of live music tourism in 2023, Expedia predicts a continued surge in “tour tourism” in 2024. With almost 70% of travelers expressing a heightened willingness to travel for concerts, marketers can strategically collaborate with event organizers to create compelling travel packages. By identifying affordable cities where major artists will perform, marketers can curate experiences that align with travelers’ dual interests in music and exploration.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 4. Dry Tripping: Crafting Healthful Experiences

The rise of zero-proof holidays in 2024 presents an opportunity for destination marketers to cater to health-conscious travelers. With over 40% of respondents expressing interest in detox trips, marketers can collaborate with hotels and resorts to promote alcohol-free options and wellness-focused experiences. Highlighting properties like those on’s curated list can appeal to a growing segment of health-conscious travelers seeking mindful getaways.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 5. Vibe Check-In: Shaping the Mood of Travel

In an era where a hotel’s “vibe” is gaining prominence, destination marketers can capitalize on the desire for unique atmospheres. The Unpack ’24 report highlights the year’s 15 most popular vibes, providing marketers with insights to align their destinations with travelers’ preferences. Crafting campaigns that emphasize the distinct mood and feel of a location can resonate with the more than 90% of travelers who consider it an important factor.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 6. Trending Hotels: Embracing Cultural Stays

Immersive experiences in local cultures are on the rise, as evidenced by the increased interest in ryokans and Moroccan riads. Destination marketers can collaborate with unique accommodations to promote culturally rich stays, aligning with the preferences of travelers seeking authentic and memorable experiences.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 7. Go-ccasions: Celebrating Beyond Tradition

Vrbo’s research highlights a shift in travel motivations, with groups finding unique reasons to celebrate beyond traditional occasions. Destination marketers can leverage this trend by curating packages and experiences tailored to these “go-ccasions,” tapping into the growing trend of celebrating work-related milestones and unconventional anniversaries.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 8. Outside In: Showcasing Nature in Travel

The emphasis on outdoor amenities in vacation rentals presents an opportunity for destination marketers to highlight the natural beauty surrounding their locations. Crafting campaigns that showcase properties with unique outdoor experiences, such as hot tubs, fire pits, and sports facilities, can resonate with the 42% of travelers seeking a deeper connection to nature.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 9. Trending Vrbo Vacation Homes: Rural Retreats

Vrbo’s prediction of mills, barns, and farms as trending property types for 2024 offers destination marketers a unique avenue to promote rural escapes. By featuring charming countryside properties with fresh produce and unique amenities, marketers can cater to the growing demand for idyllic getaways.

2024 Travel Marketing Trend 10. Gen Gen AI: Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Travel

As a new generation of travelers – Gen Gen AI – fully embraces generative AI technology, destination marketers can leverage this trend to enhance the travel experience. With half of respondents expressing curiosity about using AI in trip planning, marketers can explore incorporating AI functionalities into their promotional strategies, offering personalized and tech-savvy travel solutions.

As destination marketers gear up for 2024, Expedia Group’s Unpack ’24 report serves as an indispensable guide to navigating the evolving landscape of travel trends. From leveraging set-jetting and destination dupes to crafting campaigns around unique vibes and cultural stays, marketers have a wealth of insights to shape compelling narratives for their target audiences. By embracing these trends, destination marketers can not only stay ahead of the curve but also create memorable and resonant experiences that captivate the imaginations of travelers in the coming year.


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