In this episode of the Growing Social Now podcast, Barbara Rozgonyi interviews internationally recognized cybersecurity thought leader Stel Valavanis about social media and cybersecurity risks. Stel is the CEO and Founder of onShore Security, Listen and download Growing Social Now on your favorite podcast app.

Social Media and Cybersecurity Risks: How to Protect You and Your Company with Stel Valavanis, CEO and Founder of onShore Security

In this episode, you will learn:

– Why security gives you freedom

– How you can use social media safely

– How your digital personal life bleeds into your digital business life – does it create an entrance for cybercriminals?

– What to do If someone steals your account – How your behavior across social can lead to phishing at your company

– Cybersecurity Does and don’ts for social media

– Whether or not you should post social media updates while you’re on vacation

Listen in for a fascinating conversation that will uncover risks you didn’t know you had – and how to protect one of your most precious digital assets – your profiles and your reputation.

About Our Guest: Stel Valavanis, CEO and Founder of onShore Security

Internationally recognized Security thought leader Stel Valavanis leads a team of cybersecurity’s most trusted experts as CEO and Founder of onShore Security. The Chicago-headquartered managed security firm is relied upon by top-tier organizations across a variety of highly regulated and information-sensitive sectors including financial services, healthcare, government, global construction, and manufacturing. Valavanis is a member of Chicago Arch Angels and is an investor in a number of early-stage tech companies. He currently sits on the board of several leading nonprofits including the ACLU of Illinois where he advises on digital privacy. Valavanis is also an active alumnus of the University of Chicago. Fast-growing industry leader, onShore Security, was founded in1991 as an extension of his personal passion for keeping organizations secure as they work towards their most ambitious goals amidst the dynamic backdrop of today’s increasingly dangerous and complex digital world.

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Because Security Gives Us Freedom 

Founded in 1991, onShore Security with its Panoptic Cyberdefense Security Operations Center, is one of only a handful of cybersecurity providers, nationwide, that provide 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide network security data. We collect data from any system, IDS on your site (lateral and egress), cloud-placed sensors, netflow collectors, firewalls, network devices including encrypted payloads, and correlate that with logs from your systems into our ELK-stack SIEM to achieve an end-to-end security view. We specialize in banks, handling some fairly large regional institutions additionally providing consulting services via our Cybersecurity Leadership and Managed Security Solutions programs. via onShore Security on LinkedIn

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