How can you create money out of thin air? Let’s ask Marty – he knows! Listen in for the answer to this intriguing question [and lots and lots of excellent ideas] as Barbara Rozgonyi interviews Marty M. Fahncke, a former mastermind colleague she met in 2009. Listen to Growing Social Now on your favorite podcast player. Now, you can experience a bit of Marty’s brilliance via Growing Social Now!


You will learn:

– About the history of digital and affiliate marketing – yes, we go way, way back [hello Gail Doby and Tara Reed who we met back in 2009 at a Marty-inspired networking dinner]

– How to create money out of thin air for your business –

Why LinkedIn is still the black sheep of social media, even with 740 million users – and why you shouldn’t ignore it

– Why now is the best time to sell your business if you are even THINKING about doing it in the next couple of years Listen in to get inspired and motivated to infuse your business with a richer marketing mindset.


About our guest, Marty M. Fahncke, Investor and CEO of Adventurist Inspired Marketer

For over 30 years, Marty M. Fahncke has been using his super-power to grow dozens of companies to revenues totaling well over a Billion dollars! What is Marty’s Super Power? It’s the ability to create money out of thin air in almost any business! Whether executing innovative marketing campaigns, uncovering hidden revenue streams, or making strategic investments and growth through acquisitions, Marty’s passion is growing businesses just like yours. A pioneer in Social Media marketing, Marty started marketing on Twitter and Facebook from the very beginning of their existence, and he was member number 57,011 on LinkedIn, which now has 740 Million users! Marty knows growth, and he knows Social. He’s an in-demand speaker, marketer, and business investor, and I’m excited to have him on as my guest today to share his knowledge about Growing Social Now!

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