Personal Branding + Podcasting = A Perfect Match! Thanks to my NSA Carolinas peer, Brandon Birkmeyer, for being a Growing Social Now guest! We talked everything brands and podcasting. Loved getting Brandon’s expert marketing and podcasting insights and I know you will, too! Did you know you can listen, and subscribe!, to Growing Social Now on your favorite podcast platform – or on the Growing Social Now YouTube Channel?

Brands and Podcasting for Personal Brands with Brandon Birkmeyer

Discover the transformative power of podcasting as marketing maven Brandon Birkmeyer from Podcast Branding Academy joins us to reveal how this platform can catapult your personal brand into the stratosphere. Transitioning from corporate marketing to entrepreneurial success, Brandon unveils the secrets behind his ‘Brands on Brands’ podcast and the strategic role that high-profile guests play in amplifying your message. Join us for an honest chat about the challenges and triumphs that come with forging a path in the burgeoning space of podcast marketing.

Brandon and I dissect the nuances of crafting conversations that aren’t just interviews but collaborative creations, providing insights that stick with listeners long after they’ve tuned in. We pull back the curtain on the synergy between podcasting and personal branding, offering up strategies for anyone looking to leave their mark on the world through meaningful dialogue.


Top Brands and Podcasting for Personal Branding Takeaways:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Start creating content, even if it’s not publicly released, to hone your podcasting skills and articulate your ideas effectively.
  2. Tailor Guest Experiences: Prioritize thorough research and genuine curiosity to co-create valuable discussions that showcase your guest’s expertise while serving the audience.
  3. Curiosity-Driven Conversations: Let your curiosity drive discussions, focusing on shared interests and mutual exploration rather than sticking to typical talking points.
  4. Personal Branding Framework: Align your content, community, and impact buckets authentically to build an intentional reputation and connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  5. Strategic Self-Promotion: Move beyond episode alerts to strategically promote your ideas, body of work, and yourself as the creator, gaining visibility and fostering a loyal fan base.

About Brandon Birkmeyer

Brandon Birkmeyer is a marketing expert, business coach, keynote speaker, and podcaster. For over 18 years, Brandon advised and directed brand strategy for top FORTUNE 100 companies including Apple, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Wells Fargo. He is the founder of the Podcast Branding Academy, an online school for podcasters. He also produces and hosts a top marketing podcast called Brands On Brands, which has ranked #1 in personal branding and content marketing on Apple Podcasts.

About Barbara Rozgonyi and Growing Social Now

Barbara Rozgonyi, a leading authority in social media and digital marketing, is a speaker, business growth coach, workshop facilitator, and Fractional CMO marketing consultant. Barbara hosts the Growing Social Now podcast and publishes the top PR blog, wiredPRworks. Through insightful interviews and thought-provoking discussions, Barbara empowers brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs to harness the full potential of digital media for business growth and community engagement. With a finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies, Barbara’s platform serves as a valuable resource for navigating the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape with high-level marketing intelligence.

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