What lens do you use for your social media marketing? In this episode of Growing Social Now, Nicholas J. Love tells you why you need a challenger lens to innovate and connect with your core communities. Listen in as Nicholas and Barbara Rozgonyi, your show host, explore the latest social media trends you need to tap into now – like filtering everything through a challenger lens. 

Nicholas J. Love, VP Global Marketing

Meet Nicholas J. Love, an accomplished marketing industry expert. In this episode, Nicholas talks about the importance of being T-shaped and the need for marketers to continuously innovate in a competitive industry with a challenger lens. It also touches upon the challenges posed by the political landscape, such as data privacy and the connection with China, and the different topics marketers face when using various channels, like AI and developing thought leadership through diverse content. It wraps up by advocating for preparation and dedication, as evidenced by Nicholas J. Love’s journey from graduate to Global VP of Marketing.

As the VP of Global Marketing at Hotwire Global Communications, Nicholas is a T-shaped marketer and leader who operates with a challenger brand lens that possesses deep expertise and experience in driving transformative impact across highly matrixed organizations. 
As a former ESPN Digital Media on-air talent, Nicholas is a two-time graduate of Grambling State University where his now an adjunct professor. A recognized public speaker and author on Digital Transformation, Digital Engagement and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Nicholas is a two-time Adweek Executive Mentee and have released a master class with Netbase. 

Nicholas J. Love on LinkedIn

Barbara and Nicholas met via AMA Chicago when Barbara moderated a panel on 2022 social media trends and Nicholas contributed his ideas about bold marketing.  

How to Use a Challenger Lens for Social Media Episode Chapters

1 Interacting with a T-Shaped Marketer and Operating with a Challenger Brand Lens with Nicholas Love

00:00 – 06:26

2 Leveraging Chat GPT: A Marketers Guide to Patience and Intelligence.

06:26 – 12:15

3 TikTok’s Impact on Social Media Platforms and Political Limitations

12:15 – 18:21

4 Uncovering the Digital Media Scene: Exploring Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn

18:21 – 24:01

5 Preparing for Greater Opportunities: A Discussion on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Social Media Management.

24:01 – 30:50

6 Connecting Marketing Missionaries: A Conversation with Nicholas J. Love

30:51 – 32:27

Key Takeaways

Shows with the right preparation and dreaming big anything is possible.

Nicholas J. Love is an inspiring example of what dedication can achieve.

Preparation is the key to success in all areas of life.

Accessibility and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are key aspects of social media management strategies.

AI and developing thought leadership are key for social media success.

Social Media Platform Status: Facebook and Instagram’s content prioritization difficulties, YouTube’s value increase with Shorts, Twitter’s moral compass and LinkedIn’s AI incorporation.

T-shaped marketers have a deep understanding of the communications and marketing industry and differentiate themselves by continuously innovating.

Chat GPT should be embraced as it requires a human element to identify potential problems.

TikTok must redefine its business model and form relationships with music groups and streaming platforms to protect its future.

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