How to Socialize B2C Digital Customer Care with Elly Deutch Moody,Digital Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Strategy Manager at McDonald’s

When there’s more than ketchup on the burger, a friend of mine is seriously disappointed. It’s one thing to pick off a pickle or two, but when mustard and mayo coat the bun, it’s back to the counter or the window asap. With 30,000 locations worldwide, how does a company like McDonald’s keep ketchup only burger fans happy aka socialize B2C digital customer care? Lucky for you, Growing Social Now has the answer.

Listen in as Elly Deutch Moody, Digital Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Strategy Manager at McDonald’s fills us in on what goes on after you get your order. You may be surprised at how much attention digital customers get from McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food restaurant. You’ll also get the inside scoop on promotions like the 2021 holiday event – “Mariah Menu.” No matter the size of your company or your industry, this episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to optimize digital customer care via social media. Can you say I’m lovin’ it?

Growing Social Now Episode Notes

Growing Social Now Podcast Host Barbara Roagonyi Interviews Elly Deutch Moody

About Elly Deutch Moody, McDonald’s Digital Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Strategy Manager

As a leader in the digital, social and mobile landscape, Elly Deutch Moody has provided her expertise to a diverse array of companies and brands – both large and small – on how to effectively create and execute fully integrated digital marketing strategies to drive business value. Over the last decade in the digital space, Elly has created, executed, and managed social media communities for over 350 companies, athletes and brands. In her current role at McDonald’s, Elly oversees the digital customer satisfaction and engagement strategy, as well as e-Care for the McDonald’s social media channels.

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How did Elly and Barbara meet?

Social Media Club Chicago Holiday Party with the Board

Barbara and Elly served together on the board of Social Media Club Chicago on a team focused on party planning, social media education, and event production for crowds of influencers in Chicago and around the world.

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Happy Holidays The Mariah Menu from McDonald’s

How about you – how do you and your company manage digital customer care?