What could a mindset shift do for you and your people? Lisa Sharapata, CMO of The Arbinger Institute – and one of the 10 most influential CMOs to follow in 2023 –  talks about how much a shift from an inward to an outward mindset matters, in social media, the modern buying experience, collaboration within the marketing community – and everyday life with Barbara Rozgonyi, host of Growing Social Now.

Lisa and I met at a Charlotte creative business community event hosted by Charlotte FC, AMA Charlotte, IABC Charlotte, and PRSA Charlotte. She’d just moved to Charlotte from the Chicago area. I’m always delighted to welcome a new marketer to the Queen City! When I met Lisa, she was on her way to speak at Content Marketing World. A few months after we met, Lisa joined The Arbinger Institute as CMO. I loved hearing more about her work as a CMO, and I know you will, too.

Outward Mindset Matters Episode Highlights

Embracing Passion Over the “Growth at All Costs” Mindset

Finding Your Inner Light and Strength for Positive Actions

Social Media: The Game-Changer in the Buying Experience

80% of the Buying Experience Happens Before Contacting Sales

Building Communities to Stand Out from the Commodity

Unlocking Human Potential in the Business World

Having inward and outward perspectives drives success in the business world, and life.

When marketers prioritize collaboration, everyone works towards the common good.

Set biases and egos aside to appreciate people’s gifts, passions, and priorities.

Outward Mindset Matters Chapters


Exploring the Benefits of an Outward Mindset with Lisa Sharapata, Recognized by C I O Look as One of the Most 10 Influential CMOs to Follow in 2023

00:00 – 06:37


Bringing Humanity Back to the Workplace: Going Beyond Growth at All Costs

06:37 – 13:14


The Mindset Shift: Exploring Social Media, Experiences, and Tapping Into Engagement

13:15 – 18:55


The Power of Social Media and the Benefits of Connection Through Online Communities

18:56 – 24:54

About Lisa Sharapata, CMO of Arbinger Institute

With over 20 years of marketing experience, Lisa is passionate about creating growth strategies, building brands, and executing comprehensive, customer-centric initiatives to create a predictable revenue model. Recognized by CIOLook as one of the 10 Most Influential CMO’s to Follow in 2023, Demand Gen Report as the 2021 B2B Vanguard and B2B Innovator, and by DMN as a “Woman to Watch,” Lisa is leading the charge for a better B2B buying experience. Lisa is currently the CMO of The Arbinger Institute – a global leadership development and culture transformation organization that helps leaders and teams shift their mindsets to drive organizational changes that lead to exceptional results. Before this, Lisa was the CMO of BoostUp.ai, a Revenue Technology company with several marketing leadership roles in the B2B SaaS Tech space. She is also an advisor for Hushly and a Co-Founder and Board member of the PEAK Community.

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About Barbara Rozgonyi, Host of Growing Social Now

Barbara Rozgonyi is a future-chasing digital marketing and PR thought leader, an inspiring speaker, and a professional writer. She is the CEO and founder of CoryWest Media, a creative agency that offers consulting, coaching, and training services. An innovative creative engine for its clients, CoryWest Media empowers businesses and individuals to light up their 4D presence as they engage key relationships and grow thought leadership.

Barbara’s diverse expertise in marketing, communications, and technology equips her as a consultant for organizations ranging from Fortune 50 companies to the Federal Reserve to global small businesses via the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations.

As a social media thought leader, she founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008, won a contest to represent the US at Social Media Week Berlin, and she hosts the “Growing Social Now” #GrowingSocialNow podcast. Her award-winning blog, wiredPRworks.com #wiredPRworks, houses over 1200 marketing and PR articles.

In 2023, she completed Positive Intelligence PQ coach training. Barbara is passionate about showing individuals and teams how to integrate mental fitness into life’s many applications. Currently, she serves on NSA Carolina’s board as VP, Membership Experience. In 2019, Barbara relocated from Chicago to Charlotte where she’s right at home between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

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