The role of the fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has gained prominence as businesses seek outside expertise to thrive in today’s landscape. To explore this emerging opportunity, Barbara Rozgonyi, an experienced digital marketing communications consultant and fractional CMO talks about How a Fractional CMO Fuels Fast and Healthy Growth for Small Businesses and Startups.


What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO provides on-demand guidance to create change. They audit a business from all angles and craft strategies to streamline operations, boost revenue, and unlock growth. While the title is new, Barbara has fulfilled this CMO role for years.

When to Engage a Fractional CMO

Hiring a fractional CMO brings an objective external perspective. For family businesses running unchanged for decades, a fresh look identifies areas needing adaptation. Preparing a company for sale also benefits from elevating marketing practices.

Eliminating Confusion

With endless marketing options, determining the right tools is challenging. Changing platforms can disrupt teams. A fractional CMO conducts an unbiased evaluation to make data-backed recommendations.

The Power of Strategy

Business owners often focus on tactics without an overarching strategy. Tactics alone lead astray. A fractional CMO builds a holistic plan tied to goals for optimal growth.

Why Choose Barbara?

With broad experience – from internal comms to podcasting – Barbara offers multifaceted insights. Her “Four Winds” approach dives into digital, direct, dynamic, and data facets of marketing. She ensures your digital presence excels, optimizes communication, injects creative storytelling, and mines data for profitability.

Barbara’s mission is to help businesses serve more people, make more money, and find enjoyment. She’s a transformative force to propel any organization forward.

Get Started

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Barbara Rozgonyi offers the strategic vision and marketing expertise to guide businesses to the next level. Let her fresh perspective set you up for enduring success.