Happy #WorldPhotographyDay!

Photography innovation goes way, way back. Thanks to National Inventors Hall of Fame for this historical news.

The ease in which we take photos and capture memories each day is a small wonder often taken for granted. When I was 10 years old, I picked up my first camera. Since then, I believe photography has shaped the way Barbara Rozgonyi sees the world.

Three Photography Innovators

The history behind photography is one layered with contributions from several innovators over time. Three of these breakthroughs come from National Inventors Hall of Fame®Inductees George Eastman, Edwin Herbert Land and Steve Sasson.

George Eastman 1888 First Portable Camera

George Eastman Image via National Inventors Hall of Fame

George Eastman revolutionized photography when he invented dry, rolled film and the portable, hand-held Kodak® camera in 1888. His dry-platephotography system involved a process of coating glass plates with certain emulsions. This allowed for the reduced size and weight of outdoor photographic equipment.

Edwin Herbert Land 1937 Polaroid

Edwin Herbert Land Image via National Inventors Hall of Fame

Edwin Herbert Land built off Eastman’s accomplishments with rolled film to advance photography even farther. After founding the Polaroid Corp. in 1937, Land worked on developing instantaneous film that produced a finish print in one minute. The Polaroid Land Camera was one of the first modern polarizers of light and expanded photography into various industries.

Steve Sasson 1975 World’s First Digital Camera

Steve Sasson Image via National Inventors Hall of Fame

Steve Sasson created the world’s first digital camera while working as an electrical engineer at Eastman Kodak in 1975.  After spending a year in the laboratory, Sasson invented the device that captured an image, converted it to an electronic signal, digitized the signal and stored the image. With the endless array of digital cameras we have to choose from today, Sasson’s original device changed accessible photography as we know it.


Every day I am grateful for the gift of photography. If you haven’t checked lately, there’s a lot of innovation going on in the camera industry. In 2021, I added a Sony mirrorless camera to my lineup. What camera do you shoot with?

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