Growing-Social-Now-NewsAre Your PR Strategies Keeping Pace with the Digital Shift in News Consumption?

In a world where information evolves at the speed of a click, the landscape of news consumption is undergoing a seismic shift. But here’s the question: Are your public relations strategies evolving with it?

In a recent episode of “Growing Social Now News” hosted by the seasoned expert in social media marketing and public relations, Barbara Rozgonyi, the spotlight is on the transformative changes in how Americans access news. With results from a study released on November 15, 2023, the episode unpacks crucial statistics from the Pew Research Center Fact Sheet, exposing the dominance of digital platforms over traditional mediums.

As the digital era redefines how we consume news, Public Relations (PR) professionals find themselves at a crossroads, grappling with shifting preferences and diverse pathways for information. Rozgonyi, with her wealth of experience, not only unveils the top-line data but also delves into the nuanced preferences of different demographics.

Navigating the PR Pain Points in a Digital Age

The data tells a story of not just a shift in platforms but a transformation in audience preferences. What worked last year may not be as effective today. The pain points for PR professionals are evident – reaching the right audience requires a nuanced understanding of where they are getting their news. The days of relying solely on traditional radio and TV are waning, and a new era of opportunities in podcasts and websites is dawning.

Key Takeaways: Adapting Your PR Strategy for Success

  1. Digital Dominance: The data screams a clear message – digital is king. With 56% of adults now sourcing news from digital devices, it’s imperative for PR strategies to align with this digital shift.
  2. Rise of Podcasts: While radio and print decline, podcasts are on the rise. Understanding this trend provides a unique avenue for PR professionals to explore new media placements.
  3. Demographic Nuances: Rozgonyi highlights the importance of tailoring approaches based on demographics. Understanding the preferences of different age groups, genders, and income brackets is paramount for effective PR outreach.
  4. Strategic PR Planning: In a world inundated with data, strategic planning becomes the compass for PR professionals. Rozgonyi offers her expertise to help businesses navigate the complexities, attract attention, and connect with their target communities.

The Path Forward: Crafting a PR Strategy Aligned with the Digital Evolution


As we navigate this digital evolution, it’s not just about keeping up; it’s about leading the way. Inviting you to subscribe to my podcast and my top 50 PR blog both designed to serve as a beacon for digital marketing and PR professionals, offering actionable insights to adapt strategies, overcome pain points, and stay ahead of the curve.

Take a look at the news consumption by social media site: Facebook 30%, YouTube 26%, Instagram 16%, TikTok 14% and X 12%.

The digital era is here, and the question remains: Is your PR strategy ready for it? Dive into the data, explore the insights, and join the conversation on “Growing Social Now” to ensure your PR initiatives are not just current but cutting-edge in the ever-evolving world of news consumption.

About Barbara Rozgonyi: Barbara Rozgonyi is a trailblazer in the realms of social media marketing and public relations. With a passion for helping businesses adapt to the dynamic digital landscape, she brings a wealth of experience to the forefront. As the host of “Growing Social Now,” Barbara goes beyond data points, providing strategic insights and hands-on advice to navigate the ever-evolving world of news consumption.

With a career dedicated to empowering brands, Barbara Rozgonyi stands as a trusted guide for PR professionals seeking to harness the power of digital platforms. Connect with her to transform your PR approach and ensure your strategies resonate in an era where connectivity and digital dominance reign supreme.

Barbara Rozgonyi publishes wiredPRworks, a top 50 PR blog and is an international keynote speaker.