How does LinkedIn power relationships and impact companies? On the latest episode of “Growing Social Now News” we’ll talk about decoding LinkedIn’s impact with results from a Harvard Business School study that mapped LinkedIn connections among over 7,700 public U.S. companies.

Listen in and get valuable insights for individuals and businesses looking to navigate the complex landscape of professional networking, leveraging the power of social media, and optimizing LinkedIn connections for tangible business success.

The groundbreaking study led by Harvard Business School’s Frank Nagel, meticulously mapped 2 billion employee relationships on LinkedIn. The study’s findings reveal a paradigm shift, emphasizing that companies positioned at the center of professional communities consistently outperform their less-connected counterparts.


Top Takeaway: Companies whose real-world employee connections put them at the center of their professional communities performed better than peer companies whose workforces were less well-connected and, as a result, on the periphery of the same community.

“Managers, when they hire somebody, know to look for many different qualities. How well-educated are you? How much job experience do you have?” Nagle says. “Today, in some jobs, such as sales or higher-level management, managers may think about how well-connected you are, but our work shows that might be a consideration for a broader set of jobs.”

  1. Relationships Matter More Than Ever:  A study mapping 2 billion employee relationships on LinkedIn reveals that companies at the center of professional communities consistently outperform their less-connected counterparts.
  2. Social Media as a Turbocharger for Networking: LinkedIn connections become a tangible proxy for real-world connections, providing unique opportunities for measurement and study.
  3. Size Doesn’t Dictate Connectivity: Contrary to common belief, the study reveals that small companies can shine in connectivity, while large ones may lag.
  4. Professional Networks Contribute to Company Success:  Companies at the center of their networks tend to produce more patented innovations, driving both scientific and economic value.
  5. Strategic Importance of LinkedIn Consulting:  Whether optimizing LinkedIn profiles for trade shows, enhancing company visibility, or providing sales team training, LinkedIn consulting serves as a strategic bridge between research and real-world success.
  6. Connectivity Drives Innovation: The episode concludes by reinforcing the idea that connectivity directly influences a company’s success, driving innovation and market impact. Barbara encourages businesses to foster impactful communications and connections to achieve organizational excellence.

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