In a recent episode of “Growing Social Now with Barbara Rozgonyi,” we learned how to Bring on the #BizRizz: New Keys to Personal and Corporate Branding via Gen Z with Bella Rose Mortel, a Social Media Strategist at Beehiiv, who is making waves in the workplace. Marketers have much to learn about personal branding, #BizRizz corporate branding, and personality hires.

In a conversation about the concept of “personality hires” and how they transcend traditional skill sets, Bella Rose offered insights for marketers keen on honing their personal brand. Bella Rose is known for using the term “personality hire” to describe leveraging charisma,Gen Z slang like “Slay” [which means you killed it or did the job exceptionally well], and seamless interpersonal skills on the job in viral TikToks.

Professional Career Trajectory: A Personal Branding Blueprint for Marketers

Bella Rose’s professional trajectory is a blueprint for marketers who navigate the ever-evolving landscape of content creation and marketing. With roles at Workweek and Morning Brew under her belt, Bella found her stride at Beehiiv, where her innovative approaches to social media marketing the new newsletter platform have garnered attention and acclaim.

Defining “Personality Hires”

The term “personality hires” emphasizes the importance of not just hard skills but also the positive attitude and interpersonal finesse that individuals bring to the workplace. As marketers, understanding and embodying this concept can significantly elevate your personal brand as you add Rizz, or charisma, to your digital and IRL presence.

Takeaways: Personal Branding for Marketers

Beyond Skills: Don’t solely focus on hard skills; cultivate a positive, collaborative persona to enhance your personal branding.

Crafting a Career Narrative: Shape your professional story, highlighting the evolution of your skills and experiences to build a compelling personal brand.

Embrace Social Media Mastery: Learn from Bella’s expertise in content strategy, creation, and distribution across platforms to strengthen your personal branding in social media marketing.

Personify Your Corporate Brand: Develop a corporate brand persona that extends beyond expertise, incorporating your unique personality traits and values, a crucial step in personal and corporate branding.

Positive Vibes Matter: Infuse positivity into your interactions; it’s a key ingredient in creating a thriving work environment and enhancing your personal and corporate branding.

Breathe in the New Era of Newsletters: Discover the power of newsletters in shaping your personal and corporate brand. Learn how to leverage Bella’s insights to breathe new life into your newsletter strategy.

Bring on the #BizRizz: Key Takeaways on Personal and Corporate Branding and Understanding Gen Z

In this wide-ranging discussion on personal branding, corporate culture, and decoding Gen Z, Bella provides thoughtful perspectives that every corporate branding marketer should hear. Here are the top takeaways re: corporate brand marketing.

1. Develop an Engaging Corporate Brand Persona

Bella emphasizes that in the age of the “creator economy,” audiences connect more with personalities than faceless corporations. She recommends developing a brand persona with distinctive traits as if your company were its own relatable character. Give the persona an identity with quirks based on your values and industry. Let the brand persona guide the tone and style of communications.

2. Show Off Your #BizRizz

A key theme Bella returns to is showing your charisma or “riz” on the job while balancing professionalism. She coins the hashtag #bizrizz to describe her approach to being a fun, lively person in meetings while still producing great work. Bella argues bringing energy makes work more enjoyable for everyone without sacrificing productivity. Consider how allowing employees’ personalities to shine can humanize your workplace culture and add dimension to your corporate brand.

3. Embrace Gen Z’s Hunger for Purpose

Regarding advice for older generations working with Gen Z, Bella confronted stereotypes they just want to have fun without working hard. She explains Gen Z seeks deeply meaningful work aligned with their values, not just to pay the bills. Provide opportunities to contribute to causes they care about through corporate social responsibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Align your employer branding with the desire for purpose to connect with and relate to Gen Z.

4. Put Yourself – and Your Brand – Out There Authentically

For personal branding tips, Bella encourages fearlessly putting yourself out there online with authentic content illustrating your interests and perspectives. She doesn’t consider herself an “influencer” but says posting unique views on TikTok led to opportunities. Step outside your comfort zone to share who you are. You never know who will discover something they connect with. This goes for your corporate brand as well. Don’t hold back on who you are.

The interview with the buzzworthy Bella Rose Mortel covers much more ground on spicing up corporate culture, newsletter strategy, and why Gen Z expects more altruism from companies. Tune into the “Bring on the #BizRizz: New Keys to Personal and Corporate Branding via Gen Z with Bella Rose Mortel” Growing Social Now episode now available on all major podcast platforms! What key lessons on personal branding and corporate branding did you take away? Share your big aha moments from #BizRizz icon Bella!

About Bella Rose Mortel

Bella Rose Mortel is a Social Media Strategist at Beehiiv, developing content strategy, creation, and distribution across Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and TikTok. Prior to joining Beehiiv, Bella Rose was on the growth marketing team at Workweek, and the branded content team at Morning Brew. Currently based in Austin, TX, she also writes a newsletter, Office Slayers, on being Gen Z in the office. Connect with Bella Rose Mortel on LinkedIn and TikTok
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