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Ready to discover the secrets of cultivating community, personalizing marketing, and the power of personal brands? In this episode of Growing Social Now, we sit down with Elena Kacan, a creative marketing strategist and consultant with over a decade of experience in growing brands and communities globally. Join us as we delve into Elena’s insights on navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, leveraging technology for personalized experiences, and the importance of building a strong personal brand.

Cultivating Community and Personal Brands with Elena Kacan on Growing Social Now Highlights

  • Personal Branding and Career Growth: Elena emphasizes the importance of developing a multifaceted personal brand over time, showcasing marketing skills beyond one’s core job description, and seizing opportunities for growth within one’s company.
  • Community Building: Elena shares insights on building sustainable communities by starting with super fans who organically advocate for your brand, facilitating open conversations, and providing value around product updates and features that resonate with community members.
  • Embracing Change and Taking Chances: Elena’s career journey highlights the significance of embracing change, saying yes to opportunities, and pushing past fear to further one’s personal brand and career growth.
  • AI and Personalized Experiences: Elena discusses the role of AI in creating personalized experiences for customers, emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology to understand and cater to customer needs and preferences.
  • Looking Ahead: Elena predicts a continued focus on experiential retail, human-to-human marketing, and elevating personal brands in the marketing landscape of 2024 and beyond.
  • Elena’s Mantra: Elena’s empowering mantra of “Do it anyway!” encourages listeners to overcome fear and take bold steps in furthering their personal brand and career aspirations.

Elena Kacan is an award-winning marketing strategist and consultant with 10 years of experience growing brands and communities globally. Currently serving as the Community Marketing Manager at Bloomreach, she is also a strategic marketing consultant and content creator. With a successful 4.5-year stint leading partnerships and marketing strategy at OrthoCarolina, Elena’s goal is to help creatives, marketers, and business owners identify their unique value propositions, develop strategic marketing roadmaps, and create content that resonates with target audiences, ultimately leading to increased ROI, community engagement, and long-lasting brand success.


About the Growing Social Now Podcast Host: Barbara Rozgonyi

Barbara Rozgonyi, founder of CoryWest Media, is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, and podcaster. She specializes in mixing, AI, GenAI, ChatGPT, PR, marketing, and digital communication, working with major brands to Fortune 50 companies. Known as one of the original social media thought leaders, Barbara began using platforms like LinkedIn for business in 2005. She launched her award-winning blog in 2006 and co-founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008, working with the board to quickly make it an international top chapter.

Barbara is also an early pioneer in intranet platforms, helping develop one of the first for a Fortune 50 corporation in the 1990s. She saw early on how digital tools could transform workplace communication and teamwork. Now, through her podcast “Growing Social Now,” Barbara showcases today’s top minds who are shaping the future of communication and work. Reach out to Barbara when you need digital marketing PR consulting, a Fractional CMO, LinkedIn marketing strategy and sales training, or an inspirational educational keynote speaker for association conferences and industry events.

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