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Like 10 epic episodes rolled up into one cool take, this intriguing interview with Leslie Marshall, Head of Experiential Marketing at Morningstar, covers events, employee engagement, in-house influencers, corporate branding, social ecosystems, and more! Listen in as this dynamic duo – friends and social media enthusiasts for over a decade – explores experiential social media trends you need to know about right now.

Leslie Marshall of Morningstar Episode Notes

How did they meet? Barbara and Leslie first met via Social Media Club Chicago around 2009. A social media and marketing enthusiast, Leslie is the Head of Experiential Marketing at Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Thanks to Leslie for this thoughtful and creative conversation!  

Interview Themes: What We Talked About

Finding inspiration through technology — the pandemic has accelerated the use of technology across industries and forced companies and brands to reimagine events and experiences. I love to think about new ways to create experiences to educate, engage with content, and connect people.

Power of community — now more than ever, we need our personal and professional connections/contacts. How do you find your “tribe” and people to keep you motivated and inspired, as well as a source to lean on during good and bad times?

In the interview, Leslie talks about how team members contribute to success. She mentions Katryna Deligiannis, senior social media manager, Morningstar; McKenna Berken, social media community manager, Morningstar; and Shannon Lee, current AMA Chicago President; VP, Creative and Engagement, Studio North.

Here’s a look at the questions Leslie answers . . . 

How did Morningstar decide to host #MICUS, a hybrid event, with over 800 in-person attendees in September 2021?

What defines “light” as a branding element through the company’s culture?

How is “Morningstar Onward” preparing and welcoming its people back to work?

What’s happening as Morningstar defines the future of work and elevates the experience to make work a destination?

How does social media contribute to the employee experience – and position them as experts?

Who gets more social media engagement – the Morningstar experts or the company?

What you need to know about the evolution of the social media ecosystems. 

How can you authentically build your personal brand on social media? 

What’s new with AMA Chicago?

About our guest, Leslie Marshall . . . 

Leslie is responsible for the Morningstar brand and technology experience at Morningstar conferences and events around the world. A champion for social media within the organization, Leslie leads Morningstar’s global social media strategy. Leslie and her team are the winners of two Cvent Excellence Awards and five Ozzie Awards.

Leslie serves on the board of directors of the American Marketing Association – Chicago chapter as President-Elect. She is a frequent guest speaker on topics of marketing, technology, and social media at events, conferences, and universities.

Prior to joining Morningstar, Leslie spent 14 years in the publishing industry in a variety of marketing, new business development, and editorial roles.

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