As we reflect on the incredible year that was 2023, at the top of my gratitude list are the amazing guests and engaging conversations we’ve produced on Growing Social Now. We covered so much! Here’s a look back at 2023’s top podcast moments and trends in branding, CX, digital, marketing, PR, thought leadership, and AI. Who would you like me to interview in 2024?

2023 Podcast Marketing Trends on Growing Social NowEvolution of Growing Social Now

In 2023, podcasting emerged as a powerful platform for interaction and learning from industry thought leaders. Growing Social Now evolved into three distinct segments, each catering to different aspects of our dynamic social media landscape:

  1. Growing Social Now News

    This segment became our go-to source for recapping the latest marketing industry trends. I provided my take on what’s working right now, offering insights and analysis to keep our community at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital marketing world.

  2. Growing Social Live on LinkedIn

    We ventured into the live events realm with the pilot phase of “Growing Social Live on LinkedIn.” Stay tuned, as 2024 promises more of these interactive sessions where we connect in real-time, answer your questions, and perhaps bring in some surprise guests.

  3. Growing Social Now In Sights

    Our occasional episodes under “In Sights” addressed burning questions like “How does a Fractional CMO fuel fast and healthy growth?” These deep dives provided strategic insights into crucial topics shaping the marketing landscape.

2023 Branding, Marketing, and PR Podcast Guest Recap

A heartfelt thank you to all the incredible guests who contributed to the Growing Social Now conversations in 2023. Let’s revisit some key episodes and the thought leaders who shared their wisdom:

Jon Ferrara, Nimble Founder and CEO

Unpacking the mysteries of Social CRM and the significance of managing customer relationships on social, Jon Ferrara joined us for an insightful discussion.

Nicholas Love, Agency Principal of Kulur Group

Exploring the importance of adopting a Challenger Brand Lens in social media marketing, Nicholas J. Love shared valuable insights into innovation and connecting with core communities.

Leslie Marshall, CMO, Mesmerise Group

Leslie guided us through the world of VR, highlighting why now is the time to activate VR/AR/MR and how marketing professionals can tap into the immersive experiences of the virtual reality metaverse.

Lisa Sharapata, CMO, The Arbinger Institute

Discussing the impact of mindset shifts on leadership, Lisa Sharapata shed light on the importance of an outward mindset in social media, the modern buying experience, and collaboration within the marketing community.

Shelly Chandler, Founder and Principal Strategist, EvolveCX Consulting

Shelly Chandler demystified the realm of Customer Experience (CX), providing strategies and insights on connecting CX and marketing for an optimal customer experience.

Jeff Willinger, Digital Experience Director, Withum

Gazing into the future of work, Jeff and I explored AI, Microsoft CoPilot, and the evolving dynamics of workplace collaboration.

Bella Rose Mortel, Social Media Strategist, beehiiv

Delving into personal and corporate branding via Gen Z, Bella Rose Mortel shared keys to #BizRizz and insights for marketers keen on honing their personal brand.

Phoebe Svoboda, Digital Marketing Pro

Unraveling the complex landscape of AI and Chat GPT in marketing, Phoebe Svoboda and I provided a quick guide to smart strategies and sharp risks in this transformative era.

New Segments and Future Trends:

Looking ahead, we introduced exciting new segments in 2023 and explored top trends for 2024:

Growing Social Now LIVE and Growing Social Now NEWS

These segments bring you live events and the latest industry trends to keep you informed and engaged.

Decoding the LinkedIn Network Impact

We delved into findings from a Harvard Business School study to understand the impact of LinkedIn on professional networks.

Top 2024 Trends for Travel Marketing from Expedia Group a Group

Exploring future trends in travel marketing to keep you ahead of the curve.

PR Trends in News Consumption from Pew Research Center

Insights into the evolving landscape of news consumption from the reputable Pew Research Center.

Whether you’re listening on your favorite podcast platform or catching us on the Growing Social Now YouTube channel, your engagement fuels our journey. Here’s to more growth, connection, and learning in 2024. Stay social, and I can’t wait to continue exploring the future with you!

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