Wondering what’s hot – and what’s not in social media right now? Will TikTok REALLY take over everything? Should we watch out for Metaverse? On February 22, 2022, American Marketing Association [AMA] Chicago will present a program on 2022 social media trends at Morningstar. Barbara Rozgonyi, CEO of CoryWest Media and host of the podcast “Growing Social Now,” will moderate an expert panel with four intrepid social media marketers representing B2B, B2C, NFP, and Startups. Register.

Panelists include: B2B Nicholas Love of G&S Communications, B2C Elly Deutch Moody of McDonald’s, NFP Jennifer Goodsmith of Anti-Cruelty Society, and Startups Danielle Mullen of Semicolon Bookstore.

With a love of books that began in early childhood, Danielle always knew that she wanted to build a career where she’d be surrounded by them. From full-time editor for a big 5 publishing company, to book-buyer and curator for a major bookstore, to now-owner of her own publishing company and Chicago’s only Black-woman owned brick and mortar bookstore, she’s managed to do exactly that! Danielle is a creative at heart, but focuses on participating in community-focused entrepreneurship, convinced that it will on day save the world!

As a leader in the digital, social and mobile landscape, Elly Deutch Moody has provided her expertise to a diverse array of companies and brands – both large and small – on how to effectively create and execute fully integrated digital marketing strategies to drive business value. Over the last decade in the digital space, Elly has created, executed, and managed social media communities for over 350 companies, athletes, and brands. In her current role at McDonald’s, Elly oversees the digital customer satisfaction and engagement strategy, as well as e-Care for the McDonald’s social media channels. Elly has spoken around the world at over 200+ conferences, summits, events and universities on her experience and knowledge of digital communications and social media marketing strategy.

Nicholas Love leads the nearly 30+ Digital Center of Excellence at G&S Business Communications. He is the chair of the Partnership and Advocacy pillar within the agency’s DE&I task force and serves as the Shareholder Accountability and Commitment pillar’s co-lead. Nicholas is a recognized public speaker and author on Digital Transformation and Digital Engagement. Nicholas has appeared at SXSW, Social Media Strategies Summit, Page Society Spring Seminar, Brandwatch Now You Know, recorded a Masterclass with Netbase Quid, and has made several Hootsuite webinar appearances. Nicholas is a two-time Adweek Executive Mentee and holds both of his degrees from Grambling State University.

Social Media Marketing Trends in NFP: Jennifer Goodsmith, VP, Mission Advancement, Chief Advancement Officer, CMO | The Anti-Cruelty Society

Jennifer GoodSmith is Vice President of Mission Advancement for The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s largest and most comprehensive animal welfare organizations. In addition to her work as the Chief Advancement Officer supporting a culture of philanthropy through resource development, donor relations, and special events, she is also Chief Marketing Officer responsible for marketing and communications strategy, brand management, creative services, and media relations with an emphasis on sharing stories that engage people. She has worked with mission-driven organizations throughout her career and is a thought leader providing leadership in all aspects of data-driven integrated marketing and communications. With an emphasis on using social media to help tell a more impactful story, her strategies lean towards pivoting as technologies shift to encourage fresh and engaging content. Jennifer has received several awards including recognition as the Non-Profit Marketer of the Year from the American Marketing Association Foundation. For a break from the routine, check out The Anti-Cruelty Society’s social media on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and see how animals really make your life better.

About American Marketing Association [AMA] Chicago

With Chicago as an epicenter for marketing excellence today and tomorrow, no other organization connects as many marketers with as many opportunities as AMA Chicago. As a professional chapter of the American Marketing Association and a trusted ally in its nationwide network, AMA Chicago stands 84 years strong in its mission to provide opportunities for Chicago marketers to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and grow in their careers through access to leaders in the field and skill-building content. Our vision is to be the most valued marketing association membership in Chicago.

The Signature Speaker Series features leading marketing practitioners from innovative brands and marketing service providers. Designed to give marketers the tools, insights, and inspiration they need to take their careers to the next level, the program format ranges from individual speakers to power panels made up of experts from B2B, B2C, startups, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies tackling the real-world topics that Chicago’s marketers care about most.

About Barbara Rozgonyi CEO, CoryWest Media

Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a creative marketing communication consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands, and connects communities. Named after Barbara’s mother and grandmother, CoryWest Media inspires innovation as it fuels growth. An advocate and mentor for women in business, Barbara’s career path progressed from her start as a sales rep to a national sales manager to a corporate communications consultant to a digital marketing thought leader today. Barbara is an international trends speaker with a Chicago/Hungarian/Irish/Scottish heritage, a digital marketing advisor since 2002, and an empowering sales leadership guide for all types of teams. With future vision, Barbara began publishing her top-ranked blog, wiredPRworks, in 2006. An early social media advocate, Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008. Her podcast, Growing Social Now, launched in 2021. She serves on the National Speaker Association Carolinas Chapter’s board of directors as Vice President of Marketing and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina right between the Blue Ridge mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. To get Barbara’s future take, visit https://barbararozgonyi.com.