Wondering how to transform your LinkedIn profile into an always-on networking hub? In this episode, Barbara Rozgonyi walks you through 12 ways to transform your LinkedIn profile:

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Use Keywords to Help People Find You
Keywords are the search terms people use to find information online. The keywords people use to find you and your business might point to your profession, service, location, area of expertise or even the problems you solve. Optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords in your headline, summary, expertise, and your job title and descriptions.

Upload a Flattering Profile Photo that Matches Your Image
Worth at least 1,000 (maybe 100,000) words), a LinkedIn profile picture conveys your business image to the world. Are you casual, relaxed, authoritative, intellectual?

Write a Catchy Headline that Grabs Attention
Your headline describes who you are and what you do.
This isn’t necessarily the title on your business card.
Sort of a personal tagline, your headline stands out when people see your profile.
Think: who you help with what and how for who.

Summarize Your Talents into Sound Bites
The summary section is the place to make your personal brand statement.
Given that attention is shrinking down into text-message and tweet-size sound bites, it’s important to be concise,
informative and engaging.
Use bullets to make your main points. Include a call to action with contact information to make
connecting easy and inviting.

Cover Every Position for Maximum Exposure
Expand your connection potential by listing all relevant former companies and positions.
Break up your current experience into categories like speaker, consultant, and author to broaden your skillset.
Then, you can reach out and ask connections, coworkers, or clients to recommend you for each individual position.


Route Traffic to Three Destinations
In your contact information section, LinkedIn lets you add links to three websites.
You can choose your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles – or a landing page to build your email list. Use the URL or, better yet, a phrase that describes the site.


Hail Alma Mater to Connect with Other Alumni
Listing schools you attended pulls in connections from students and alumni.
Even with decades of distance in graduation years, a common alma mater opens the door to a shared experience in LinkedIn alumni groups.
For example, if I type “I-L-L” to someone who also attended UIUC, they will type back “I-N-I.” Go Illini!!


Spice It Up with Specialties and Interests
Like a dash of spice adds flavor, your specialties and interests spark up your profile with keywords and tangents that set off your personality.
What are you passionate about – industries, people, places, things?


Make it 100% complete
Complete profiles rank higher in searches and let you make the most of LinkedIn’s profile opportunities.
Is yours 100% complete? If not, see what you need to do to fill in the gaps.
To see what’s missing, download your free 42-point personal branding checklist here.


Add Documents, Files, Images and Videos for Personalization and Promotion
Update and round out your profile with project portfolios, slide shows, documents and other creative work that
showcases your talents.
Use http://slideshare.net to share your presentations to your profile.
Bonus points for video.

Show off Your Skills
What are you good at?
LinkedIn allows you to list up to 50 skills on your profile.
When people visit your profile, they can endorse you for these skills or they can add to those you have listed.
You can also endorse them.

Upgrade Your Account and Get More Features
A basic, free personal LinkedIn account gets you started.
Investing in an upgraded personal or business account improves functionality, reach, access and customer service.To see the options, check your account settings.

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